Design in the Middle: Making Our Mark

As both a graphic design student and the Vice President of the Collective Design student organization, I had the opportunity to help organize a gallery show for the graphic design students and program alumni. The show included works from program alumni, as well as juried work from students. Along with the acceptance of my broadside, I helped create promotional materials, wall vinyls, and a large format typographic installation. The creation of these materials required close communication with both student body, design faculty and other departments within the University of Arkansas Department of Art. 


Self-Embrace Progress

The Midwestern culture and economy drives this country in more ways than we know. During the early days of the United States the Midwest was a breeding ground for innovation. As new challenges arose alongside new ideas, the people had to embrace the change or get left behind. This broadside denotes the internal conflict of self preservation and determination all the while challenging the way we think. Bigger and better things will come along and alter our entire perspective, it is up to us how we tackle these new obstacles and opportunities.


Design in the middle

This hand cut tape collage was created in collaboration with Ricky Chiang, Livvy Pierce, Courtney Smith, and I. The letter "M" was done by my own hand and helps to show the tactile nature of the Midwest culture.